How can u say don’t do one thing but you go do the same smh

Guys are disgusting . They only want you for one thing all that i love u shit is lies .

Lord give me the strength to move on . I can’t do it.

18 years of my life and not once have I had a good birthday. But I’m thankful for myself for staying alive. 👌

Why do I keep doing this to my self . I keep attaching my self to the things that deserve better . The devil is right by my side and isn’t leaving soon. Where’s god….I need him back. I need help

I miss Sophie . I miss Soneo . I miss my childhood . I wish I never met the people I met . Id be a better person now.

I miss cuddling and listening to our music . I miss it so much that it hurts, it’s the little things that count. And now everything is changed and nothing will be the same .

A girl in love (via gonemadinside)

He could be crying and I would still think that he is beautiful, not because of how he looks, but because of the raw emotions that he is brave enough to show. I think he’s beautiful just by how simply he breathes and how his voice shows compassion with every word spoken. I think he’s beautiful because his eyes show light in the darkest places and how his smile stops wars. He is beautiful to me.
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